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Wish List


The Lenten Edition

In the Season of Lent, we move with Jesus towards the cross.  Jesus has taught people, he has preached, he has healed people, and he has offered salvation.  Now, despite all that he has done, he is crucified for us.  Here at Salem, we often get to see the Word create, save, redeem, and resurrect individuals, from youth to long-time community members.  We know that this comes through the cross, and, by way of this same cross, we find resurrection on the other side.  We hope, first and foremost, that you might come to build relationship and serve with us so that you too may participate in facing the many crosses of our world, and we believe that, like so many of us, you will be able to see the resurrection and hope on the other side of that cross.  This is a chance to participate in a ministry that is Jesus-centered, including crosses and resurrections.  So, as you think and pray about how you might serve with Salem, we hope that you will remember Salem and her neighbors and partake in the miracle of community as it continues to grow here:

A List of Salem's Needs is as follows:

Plastic Tables such as the Ones in our Church Building Basement - it has come about that a number of our neighbors seek to borrow or rent our tables and chairs from us.  Many of our neighbors are not able to afford the prices of rental companies or catering companies for events such as graduation celebrations.  We are a nearby, cheap solution for them.  The only problem, which is new, is that we don't have as many tables as we would like in order to be able to do this.  Preferably, we'd be able to have rectangular plastic tables like those already in the church building's basement.  If you might be interested in providing additonal tables to Salem, please call the church office at 419-243-2345.  Many thanks and good wishes!

A Dehumidifier.

Monetary contributions are always needed and greatly appreciated, especially as they help with basic utilities such as heating and lighting.  This might sound like an unflattering category, but neither service nor worship nor programming can occur here without paying the basic bills.  These gifts allow all others to take place.

Without detracting from or drawing people away from our feeding ministries, such as Just Pancakes, AGAPE, and Feed Your Neighbor, we need Food Supplies in moderate amount.  Occassionally, once a month or two, someone will stop into our office having lost everything.  When this happens, we wish that we had something in way of emergency reserves of food that can be eaten.  These reserves would have to be foods that can be prepared and consumed without the aid of a kitchen.  Also, food that has something of a shelf-life would be helpful.  This is a tough order, we realize, yet it would help when we face tough situations.

Cleaning Supplies and Hospitality Supplies are always in great demand.  These could be paper cups and plates.  Coffee supplies, both caffinated and decaffinated in equal measure.  Creamer.  Sugar.  Tea.  We always offer a warm drink to people who stop in during our office hours.  Hence, we are always in need of such supplies.

Individual Snacks and Drinks as well as Crafting Items are always needed for children's programming.  This is not to be underestimated as our children really do need and ultilize these ministries.  We provide a safe place for them to be off of the streets.  We also provide caring adult supervision and interaction.

Your Time, Presence, and Friendship:

Volunteering/Befriending is a precious gift that can be given to Salem

  • The need for Support Workers during many of our events, especially for Special Monthly Events.
  • Drivers to/for various events.
  • Handy Skills, to maintain and repair Salem's very old but beautiful building.
  • People to teach Art, Crafts, Musical Instruments, or Life Skills in our outreach programs.
  • Importantly, for anyone to be able to make the climb out of poverty (if they so wish to do this), they need to have social capital through friends that they have made in the middle- and upper-class.  Being a friend in real but careful solidarity with people who are experiencing poverty is tough but incredibly value.  Some of the most important work that the world must reckon with in the coming decades is how to go about crossing lines of socio-economic status and race.  Christ remains one of the best guides and supporters of such work, giving us a living model and the grace, mission, and love that are necessary as a foundation in order to do such hard work.


 If you have a donation that is not listed, please call the church office; we would love to talk with you.


Your generosity, support, and prayers are always appreciated!

"May the Lord bless you and keep you.  May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you and give you peace."